PSX Addons

A collection of addons and ideas created to support Garys 747 fixed base sim made available to the PSX community.


Simulates BA ACARS Operations :-

  • CARD Performance System
  • Final Loadsheet Simulation
  • BA ACARS Pages
  • TELEX Messaging via Hoppies ACARS
  • WXR/AIS Pages integrated with VATSIM ATIS
  • Cabin Ready Simulation
  • Dispatch Client


BACARS 4.0.4 is now released and is available at

Change Log

-Setting Ready to board to Yes will now start prefuel in PSX (Can be turned off in Config File is Required)
-Intersection selected state no longer gets overwritten, so you can actually request none intersection card again
-Leading Zero Added to Temperature if less than 2 characters on CARD
-Card now accepts M or - for temperature
-Perf Request Always Opens on Page 1
-Perf Req Sent Prompt now appears in small characters and cannot be resent before previous CARD appears

-All 4 Perf Correction codes are now reset when CARD resets.
-Solved issue where Weather page can get stuck on Sent and not reset

-Changes PSX CG even if 'Cg Varies with fuel distribution' is set

-PERF REQ Page is always blank when opening as per real aircraft
-Changed ACARS automatic Report timer to 5 minutes to allow time for Landing Pilot to be entered.
-Ready to Board Prompt Works
-Acars Report Sending Reset Acars System
-Acars report send only works after an in time and when at a standstill.
-WXR/AIS page tided up to show sent caret as well as fixed a long standing bug where double clicking send causes a WXR request failure

-Now takes over the PSX ACARS SubSystem, Up versioned to V4 to celebrate the fact its reliable enough to not require a fall back :-)
-Prefuel is now set upon performance uplink
-Alternates Database Updated (Thanks Simon Kelsey!)
-Wind Uplink from Dispatch Centre Now Built into BACARS, Doesn't Require PSX.NET (Thanks Benny!)

-GUI updated to show misconfiguration items in red
-Uplinks will no longer all fail if one of them fails.
-Clicking of the Hoppie Icon allows you to send an ACARS message.

-Flight number nolonger adds leading zeros meaning if you put BA175 into the dispatch website it will work instead of trying to find BA0175
-Added configuration options on the GUI
-Route file is now stripped of cost index, alt and runway as per real world

-Added Tiles to show status of route uplinks
-Now Sets MacTow from PSX Dispatch Uplink

-Internal Changes

-Various Preperations for PSX Dispatch Center
-Hoppie interaction now on uses 3 letter airline code for both ACARS flight Number and CDU Flight Number
-Sets ZFW based on Dispatch Center flight plan ZFW
-Pads uplinked crew data to 5 characters
-Supports DataLink Route and Winds from PSX.NET.Dispatch

-CARD Failure now states SYSTEM ERROR CONTACT FTD as per real world BA
-ZFW Now changes by a random amount simulating loadsheet adjustments
-ACARS Messages now deleted on FLT INIT Flight Number Change
-Flight Number entry can now include the airline code
-Missing Runway Label on PERF REQ Page 2 added back
-2 More Perf Correction Code Entries added in line with NGFMC
-Added Estimated MACTOW Field to PERF REQ P2
-Ready to Board Added to FLT INIT
-Perf Codes entered with 1 character now pad to 2 characters
-Updated Init Pages to match NGFMC

-ACARS Message Printing now says who its from

-Support for Crew Data Init from Sql Table
-TOR now TORA on print out

-Support for Active Flight in SQL Database for Simfest Sim

-Updated to work with new Performance DLL giving a common code with web card.
-Updated Vis Section to have upper case units not lower case
-All ACARS messages are now printed by default

-Removed Wind Uplink Handler.. Became very annoying and only useful on long flights

-Updated PERF REQ pages to match latest photos of BA 744s CDUs sent via twitter
-Fuel Remaining on ACARS Report No Longer Blank

-Now Uses FMC FltNumber for any communication with Hoppies ACARS which is your ATC callsign and not the actual BA flight number
-PDC should now work properly when online

-Updated In Time to Come From Engine Shutdown not doors opening
-Updates to Flight Board for World Flight

-Added Sesma Events on Print out (not in CloudCars)
    -Monitors, Gear, Flaps, Vref at 2000ft,1500ft or 1000ft gates in line with stable approach criteria

-More tidying up of playing nicely with other PSX Addons
-Keyboard no longer overrides other addons

-Removed Features Now Controlled by PSX.NET
-UI Tidy Up
-Now Uses Touchdown Data from PSX
-Added Support for CloudCars V1.0
-Added Support For Flightboard V1.0

Release Version

Flightboard Updating Added For Simfest Sim
Flightboard Updating Now supports multiple users
Twitch Streaming Remarks Attribute in ACARS class to allow twitch program to pick up Streaming Option
Twitch Streaming Camera attribute in ACARS class to allow camera switching from within the CDU
Minor Changes in the Performance Message format to match the later BA reports

Ensures ACARSINFO.XML updated regulally

-Internal Updates

-ACARS Data Now Reset on First Load

-Final Fixes applied to Weather/ATIS Requests causing issues with data corruption
-Oceanic Clearances now generated if config file setting 'AutoOceanic' is set (set by default)

-Fixed bug where PSX Data could be corrupted
-UTC Time now reported from Simulator Time and not PC Clock Time (for MichaDF)
-Final Loadsheet now supports lbs properly (for Torrence)
-New Config Entry 'AutoPDC' which will simulate a PDC clearence (for Tango4)

-Added Fix for QNH being invalid

-Fixes Loadsheet TOW, FUEL and ZFW Calculations which didn't quite add up
-Fuel onboard figure is now a figure taken from the dispatcher at off blocks rather than live from the EICAS.

-Acars and Card Data now reset on Power loss to the ACARS sub system
-Acars Dept and Dest now update with FMC Dept Dest Updates
-Input validation on Wind Speed / Direction improved
-Fixed Issues where sent ACARS Messages were not being split properly into multiple lines
-Oceanic Clearence Request now available

-Remarks on PDC no longer insert ---- after text
-METARS now include TAFS
-PSX ETA Now Included in Hoppie Progress reports
-ACARS Messages clear after 1 minute from EICAS
-Fixed Bug where seatbelts were not detected properly so the cabin would be secure even though the signs wern't on
-Fixed a silly bug where skype wouldn't work on any other computer but my own!
-Fixed a bug in PDC Clearence where the flight number would become the Destination airport.

-Airline Code Now configurable in Config File (two letters)
-Acars Prompt now configurable in config file (Suggest 6 characts or less)
-Resolved a couple more errors which can prevent a performance figure being generated (aka Doug Snows bug report)
-Fixed Skype End and Accept Call.  Configure Advanced > Hotkeys in Skype for Answer CTRL+PGUP and HangUp CTRL+PGDN in Skype
-Config File Entry UnitsofMeasure Now allows LB to be used.
-Acars PDC Clearence Now Available

-FLTINIT page 2 logic now based on ACARS OUT Time
-Removed RS232 Cabin Call and Motu8 Support from the Module as this is now in PSX.NET
-More Code Preperations into joining the PSX.NET project, this will be the last standalone
 version of BACARS which will be merged into the PSX.NET project.
-Navigation Database is now included as agreed with Navigraph who allow us to ship
 an out of date Navigation Database.  An updated version can be downloaded from
 The author ackowledges TOPCAT who their creation of the database format and recommend purchasing TOPCAT
 for performance calculations for the rest of their FS Fleet and PFPX for PSX Flight Planning.
 -Acars Dispatch UI Updated to show positions of ACARS aircraft
 -You can now view all cloudcars reports from the Acars UI.

-SIGMETS Functionality Added
-Passenger Figures no longer more than the capacity of BA Aircraft!  Oops
-TOW will not longer be bbb.b when MENU button is pressed before Final Loadsheet is recieved.
-If ACARS FLT INIT Data has been entered then default page for FLT INIT is 2/2
-ACARS TO field now 7 characters
-ACARS Free text Now validates line length and to length
-<ACARS MENU Prompt on FreeText Page 2 now works
-Page x/y Prompts on the following pages now corrected into small font
-CDU Page Titles are now actually in the middle of the screen rather that one character to the right
-Oceanic Clearence TO box now only 8 characters
-Oceanic Entry Point Box now 5 characters
-ACARS Message OLD/NEW text no longer indented on truncated messages
-METS Now also includes the Requested Airport as well as the alternates
-FLT INIT REQ Response no longer shows as a random uplinked message
-Performance Figures now take longer to calculate just like real life

-(B1) Menu Page No Longer Corrupt on Hitting MENU Key
-(B2) Card Now Arrives as an ACARS Message too
-(Bx) ERASE Button on WXR/AIS Now Clears the IDENT
-Clicking an Uplinked Message will take you to Page 1 of uplinked message if a previous one has already been opened on a further page.
-(B3) Removed Random <MENU Option from the SATCOM Menu
-(B4) Weight Balance Request Will now clear on startup to stop seeing SENT> Caret on first attempt
-(B5) BA removed from Oceanic and PDC Request Pages
-(B6) METS No Longer Sent When MET Only Selected
-(B7) METS No Longer hangs is Airport isn't in Alternate Database
-(B8) ACARS FLT INIT Page Pre Populated with DEPT and DEST If RTE Activated
-ACARS Time In Randomly Appearing has been resolved
-Free Text Summary No longer includes any blank lines in its summary page
-External Power on Sim Page Now Operates both EXT PWR 1 and EXT PWR 2
-Tidy up of BACARS Dispatch Client

-METS functionaility available based on Resources\Alternates.db 

-Can now recieve more than 5 message uplinks rather than before when after 5 no more new messages appeared
-Card Performance DLL update to deal with new 1000ft tables
-Can now delete Messages
-Can Read/Delete Uplinked Messages with either Left or Right LSKs
-ATIS/WXR Automatically Prints on Receive
-ACARS MESSAGE EICAS Memo Now Works on AIS and Messages
-ACARS MESSAGE MEMO Clears Upon Viewing Uplinked Menu
-Non Functioning WX/AIS Now in Small Text
-ATIS Contains PSX D-ATIS As well as VATSIM ATIS
-Message Uplink Menu now reads all messages and allows scrolling through uplinked messages with NEXT and PREV Page Keys
-ACARS Final Loadsheet is now sent through as an ACARS Message with <ACCEPT Prompt to accept loadsheet
-ACARS Messages can go on to more than 2 pages now
-Fuel Onboard Figures Now Provided on Loadsheet

-No longer trys to send data on a closed socket (internal)
-Corrected formatting of V speed table
-WXRAIS Uplinks now show as 'METAR UPLINK' instead of a preview of the message in the uplink menu
-UI Cross Thread exceptions mostly fixed (internal)
-Now automatically tries to copy the performance database if it doesn't exist.
-ACARS Final Report will be sent once on blocks 10 minutes after engine shutdown (Needs Testing)
-Includes latest perf.dll which now supports pressure altitudes up to 10,000ft

Much more error checking against the data passed to and from Btriple7's Perf.DLL as it doesn't seem to do any :-)
KSEA and any other airports which provide a decimal point in the runway heading now work
If CARD Data is invalid the program will no longer hang, it will just print an error
Once CARD has been recieved the SENT> Caret now becomes SEND> to enable a resend of perf req

No longer hangs when trying to calculate perf data for an airport below sea level
Removed options to replace PSX ACARS menu as this didn't work very well.
Error Handling added incase of PSXPerf.DLL failing to compute a value

Fixes reversed VR and V2 in Performance Data

Top Cat Replaced by PSX Perf Modules
Intersections Now Supported in CARD Data
You will need to copy an existing TOPCAT Performance Database from c:\programfiles(x86)\commonfiles\topcat to the root of
PSXBACARS install in order to get the runway database for performance data calculation (note TOPCAT is not called)

Card now Clears when leaving PERF REQ Page as per real aircraft
Card Entries now blank screen during processing in line with real aircraft
Option to override PSX Default ACARS - Not Supported at this stage.
Using the PERF REQ page and then other pages in the FMC should no longer cause overriding behavour
Will Now open without TOPCAT being installed but the Performance Data REQ will no longer work
Fixed "Invalid Entry" Eror when going back into SIM page after first open
Imports TOPCAT Database Files in preperation for Bennys Perf Data
Loading now Asyncronous to speed up loadtimes
METS now works

RS232 Interface Added for Cabin Call Panel, just hook up pins 6/1/5 up to a USB FTDI Cable to make a real 747 cabin call panel work.

WT/BALANCE only sends if Selected else invalid entry
ACARS Reports now Saved on CLOUDCARS Logbook ( - WIP still
Decimal seperator of "," now works for those countries that use it.

Fixed Button Handling code to stop pages overriding each other
Updates Vpilot Volume to that of the VHF L selector on the right ACP.
Uplinked Messages now split on ^ character
Updated Dispatch Station to Send ACARS Messages too
Menu Handling now no longer skips 2 menus back.
Crew Details can now be overwritten by user
VATSIM ATIS and MET now received as a TELEX message
TELEX Messages now printable
Stored Uplinks now overwrite older messages
Dispatch Client now support recieving of messages
Missing 5th Line of Acars Menu Added
Perf Req now on LSK6 as per real BA CDU
WT Balance Menu Now Working (Need to work on what actually gets send back)
Stored messages can be deleted with DELETE in scratchpad and then LSK the Message

ACARS OOOI Report Now Shows Landing Rate
ACARS OOOI Report Now Printable
Cabin Ready Message On Descent

No longer converts B's to boxes on Crew Details
If Weight Below 265,000 then table now shows same weight but multiple choices
If V1 is higher than PSX VR then limit V1
Data Validation fixed on Runway (accepts 1L as well as 01L and adds leading zero)
Data Validation Fixed on TOW including . places
Resolved issue where DOOR state gets stuck in <CLOSE
CARD is now saved between sessions

ACARS Logon Code Now in GUI
VR and V2 speeds now calculated outside of TOPCAT to match PSX/Real World Values
Fixed OOOI Flight Time Calculation
No longer spaming hoppies acars with updates every second

TELEX Messaging Working


Complete rewrite of menu and button handling
Added BA ACARS Menu
BA Flight Init
ACARS Dispatcher Created
Init Data Now Works
OOOI Info to Hoppies Acars
TELEX Message Uplink and Downlink to Hoppies ACARS System

Internal Version


Completed the Simulator Page