PSX Addons

A collection of addons and ideas created to support Garys 747 fixed base sim made available to the PSX community.

PSX InterfaceIT


Interfaces PSX with FDS InterfaceIT Cards allowing both inputs and outputs.  



Change Log

Fire lights added #firelight for outputs
GUI Updated for output types in last few versions
Zone Reset problem reset correctly this time

Resolves issue with Zone Reset switch introduced in V0.41
Fire Handles Switches Added :-

             //0 off
                    //1 pulled - 1
                    //2 left22 - 128
                    //3 Left 15 - 256
                    //4 Right15 - 512
                    //5 Right22 - 1024

Newoutput Type #firesolonoid which reads the solonoid state of the fire handles.  


Resolved issues with FDS Eng Start Switches Handles
White Lines now show on FDS switches which need them on the overhead panel.

Internal changes to stop crash on startup
LatchEngineStart option added to config file.

Updated to ensure that off events are processed first otherwise we get a situation where 3 position switches can do their own thing

Re-release with blocking sockets again as non blocking meant that PSX kept dropping the connection

Engine and APU Fire Handles Added... Need to be tested
ACP Switches should no longer all set VHF C and work correctly
Added Yoke Buttons for users who arnt connecting direct to PSX for these
Rudder Trim Added

V0.130 (RC9)
Scrollbars must be working this time!!
Autofind function will colour the buttons to highlight them

V0.129 (RC8)
Fixed a bug where the RCP/Audio Switches could be assigned but nothing happens in PSX
Yet another attempt at fixing the randomly disappearing scrollbars
Save Dialog if changes made to inputs but app is closed before they are saved

V0.128 (RC7)
Definately fixed the scroll bars this time, if not I am giving up and writing a text only DOS application
Added a find input option.

V0.127 (RC6)
Fixed unfortunate spelling mistakes

V0.126 (RC5)
Will resync all switch and light states on a situation load
Compiled for .NET 4.0 rather than 4.5.1 which should fix problems on windows XP
Should now work on 32bit OS's
New installer
Finally fixed the disappearing scroll bars!

V0.125 (RC4)
General GUI Tidy Up for Release
Should now allow live output assigning without a reload

V0.124 (RC3)
Internal Version

V0.123 (RC2)
Added Lines to MIP Switches for FDS DSTD
Fixed HDG/TRU Switch
Added Event Record Button
Fixed issue with crashing out and no longer talking to PSX

V0.122 (RC1)
Icon updated on all windows for consistent look
Added buttons on output assign to change scroll bar... Left Right PgDn PgUp keys do the same

Output Add Dialog now uses device ID rather than a random number
Minimize on startup added to settings menu (new app.config supplied)

Switches Fixed From v0.119
Now Supports Swapping of Switches so you can do Switch Off=On in PSX and On=Off In PSX (Swap numbers in config file)
Rotaries and Toggles Now handled correctly (ie pack selectors dont get stuck)
Korrys now stored with an on and off state in input file, files prior to v0.120 need updating
Clear Assignment button working again

Added Splash Screen as loading can be slow on some systems
First attempt at adding Assignments for outputs through GUI (needs reload to actually work though)
Indicators Now Work #indicators on the output file or use the GUI
ISLNR + ISLNL Valve Lights are LEFT not Lower

Off Events are processed before on events for toggle and rotary switches
Button Added to Cancel Assignment

Outputs left/right flags work correctly
ACP Switches Now Catered For

Outputs not have upper/lower flag, will need to make sure outputs.txt conforms to


file format.

Korrys Now turn off as well as on
GSInhib/Gearovrd/TerrOvrd/GearLockOvrd Working
Landing Gear now has all positions
Indicator Test Working
Dem Hyd Pumps Now Working
All Reds on Jons Spreadsheet Fixed

Resolved issue around switch on/off events on rotary switches
Left click assigns function on switch=on
Right click assigns function on switch=off
Middle Click Clears any assignment on that function
Fixed issues around queue length display
Autobrake now works
Fixed Cockup in all BIGMOM switches they all work now

Icon Fixed
Fixes 0-3 selectors now have 4 positions we can assign

Korry Outputs Supported (not momentry ones yet)
Edit output.txt file with <qhname>/<outputboardserial>,<outputnumber>

Program Wont Close Cleanly - FIXED
IRS Selectors - FIXED
fuelcutoffs - Working
TOGA - Working
AT Disc - Working