PSX Addons

A collection of addons and ideas created to support Garys 747 fixed base sim made available to the PSX community.

PSX Performance Calculator By Michael Benson

- Performance model is using RB211G Engines
- Performance is currently based on Flap 20 only
- V speeds are currently dry only
- THR is based on assumed temperature only (no TO1/TO2)
- TOW is just in tonnes
- I haven't finished all the weights and pressure altitude performance yet so you may find yourself outside the scope at weights over 380T and/or 6000ft
- EPR calculation in PSX currently uses GA rather than TO data and therefore that is the reason there is a Hardy Temp/EPR/TO Thrust. Using these figures in PSX will ensure you get the same EPR as calculated.
- Due to the point above at high weights it may not be possible to attain a high enough EPR for your weight, if this occurs a message will pop up "GA EPR TOO LOW, Full Power Not Sufficient". In which case just tinker the TOW down a bit until it's happy.



Changes V0.2

-It's now possible to compute MAX TOW from ambient conditions. Pressing MAX TOW will calculate the highest possible TOW and the performance for that weight.

-Fixed issue with entering TOW which wasn't a multiple of 10.