PSX Addons

A collection of addons and ideas created to support Garys 747 fixed base sim made available to the PSX community.


  • Speed brake Rumble (when speed brake deployed in flight)
  • Wheel Scrub, more than 20 degrees of tiller over 20 knots
  • Gear Up and Down Vibrations
  • RB211 Sound adds a flight vibration at high EPR settings
  • Turbulence is my favourite, when PSX is flying through turbulent air and when below FL100 with clouds varying levels of turbulence effects are played
  • Cargo Door when he fwd cargo door shuts
  • Taxi rolling ground fades in up to 20 kts and speeds up going down the runway
  • Takeoff rolling ground comes in at 60-70kts to add more rumble on take off
  • Touchdown - leave at max volume and it slightly adjusts depending on touchdown rate
  • Starter adds vibrations during the engine start sequence.
  • Leading Edge flap retraction rumble


PSX.NET External Sim for the router connection or sounds will constantly play on the ground.

Download Link


1) Run installer

2) Set the PSX Server IP and Port, as well as the external sim router IP and restart.

3) Adjust the levels of the sounds to match your setup.

We also recommend running the Vibrate Module on a machine running PSX with default Airframe/Engine grounds enabled but rename the tire.wav file in audio/basics folder of PSX and feeding this through the same soundcard as the vibrators.